about me

I have taught classical piano in Leeds since 2008, gaining a wealth of experience from teaching the instrument to a variety of age groups and ability levels. I have taught students from the ages of 6 to 70, and have taken several through the ABRSM examinations to achieve high standards - merit to distinction. However, I am truly flexible and realise that not everybody wants to go through the process of exams. My teaching is always catered to the individual.

A passionate, qualified musician and pianist of over 25 years, to the level of Grade 8 and Advanced Certificate, I cover a range of eras of music, from Baroque to the 20th Century and have unwavering enthusiasm for the piano.

I first began to learn the piano aged ten, having previously studied Classical violin since the age of seven. Upon leaving primary school, I had to own up to my secret piano learning, knowing that my parents would see it as a grand expense. Fortunately for me, we found some reasonably priced private piano lessons with a local teacher and my great uncle kindly swapped his neglected piano for a bottle of whiskey! Not the greatest piano I have ever played, but I loved it all the same.

When I came to Leeds as a student, I bought my own piano for the price it cost to move it out of an elderly lady's garage. It was awful. But I didn't feel complete without having an acoustic in the house to play! My next piano was a step up: a reject from a Leeds church, with life in it yet. After some reconditioning, this is the piano I still use for lessons. I feel it is important for my students to play on a real acoustic, even though many have digital pianos nowadays. To have the opportunity to get a feel for the touch and tone of the proper instrument is invaluable.

The piano has remained my first musical passion for many years. I do however dabble in a range of instruments: the violin (folk music), accordion, flute and school favourite: the recorder!

I sing and regularly perform as a soprano in the respected Leeds chamber choir: Leeds Guild of Singers. I attained grade 8 as a singer, with distinction.

what you can expect from my lessons

children and early learners

If you are looking for piano tuition for your children, then they are equally welcome!

I personally recommend starting on the piano at around the age of 7, when the hands are developed enough to cope with the instrument. Prior to this, however, it is useful for them to gain some musical experience via instruments such as the recorder, which also brings some initial training in reading music in the treble clef. This can be a great starter instrument for kids, and is often introduced at school, and has benefits if later wanting to try the piano. Drums are also fantastic for rhythmical training, although noisy!

where I teach

Lessons take place from my home address in Kirkstall, Leeds. I can also occasionally teach piano from your home for an additional fee to cover travelling costs and time. Please contact me for further details.